08 Sep

Our baby blog is 1 year old!


Hi, there!

Today, this blog is one year old!

Then, just a mini-flashback of the year…

We’ve painted the house.

But still need to do the railing…   :)

After several coats of wrong color paint, our living room has more, hmmm, let’s say, life.

Before picture is how previous owners had it.

Even though, I have one more color change in mind for it… heehee

Our guest room was a train wreck before, no pictures, sorry. But became quite better.

Again, even though there is one more change coming…

And this is the old guest bathroom:

I’m so relieved these days are gone… The updated guest bathroom looks so much happier, don’t you think?

The medicine cabinet got a lot of fans, too!  :)

Our master bedroom has changed quite a bit as well (previous owners had it like that), from this:

To that:

Our old family room (previous owners had it like that):

Are you ready for our new family room?  :)

So cool… Bill hung all those things for me…

We’re ready for more projects.

I can’t wait to tackle the kitchen…  :)