22 Feb

Slipcovers are done! WooHooo!!!



I finished them!

Oh, of course, I had to buy 7 yards more of fabric…  :)  But I had some leftover to make one more pillow and an ottoman.  :)

So, take a look how things were and how they are. :)



Ahhh… Everything white… If you’d like to read more about it, click here and here.  :)

 Loving it!!!!!!!!  :)

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Brazilian Portuguese Translation



Ah, claro que tive que comprar mais 7 yards de tecido (aproximadamente 6m)…  :)  Mas, tive sobras e fiz mais uma almofadinha e cobri um outro banquinho…

Então, dê uma olhadinha em como as coisas eram e como ficaram. :)



Ahhh… Tudo branco… Se você quiser ler mais sobre isto, clique aqui e aqui.  :)

 Estou amando isso!!!!!!!!  :)

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24 thoughts on “Slipcovers are done! WooHooo!!!

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    Wow!! This looks amazing and goes great with the carpet! I LOVE it! And I love the starfish tray and wicker bottle! GREAT JOB!!! Saw this over at the Lettered Cottage!

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      Hello, Cookie!

      Hey, thanks a lot! :)
      But I won’t lie… Our carpet is terrible and we plan to change it to hardwood floors as soon as our budget allow it to happen. :)
      The PB rug is amazing though. :)


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      I meant the area rug are you keeping it? I thought you had hardwood under it…cant tell by the photo…Great job!

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      Oh, yeah… :)
      The area rug was an incredible deal and our sectional was not matching anymore…
      Then, we decide to make some slipcovers… White, for sure! :)
      Hardwood floors for the future, I hope! :)

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      Hi, Rebeca!

      I know it’s a lot of work but, in the end, it’s so wonderful to look at the results.
      Can’t wait to see yours! :)
      Thank you so much! :)


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      Hi, Carrie!

      Can’t wait to see you chair! I’m sure it’ll look gorgeus! :)

      Thank you so much for your compliment. :)

      xoxo :)

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    WOW!!! Seriously that sectional slipcover is gorgeous…literally had my mouth open in awe! I’m getting ready to slipcover my sectional…how much did the entire sofa (minus decor pillows) cost to cover? Again, you did an AMAZING job!

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      Hi, Erika!

      You’re so sweet! :)

      I had to buy 29 yards of fabric (white denim 10oz), cost per yard was U$7 (JoAnn had 30% disccount sale). It’s only the fabric for sofa+chaise+10 huge pillows (25″x25″). I gotta say that I used about 99% of the fabric… All the little pieces were for the piping.
      Then, I got 100yards of piping (Hobby Lobby with 40% coupon), thread (for overlock) and zippers (JoAnn). I didn’t used zippers for the 10 pillows, only for the cushion seats. By the way, I’ll write a post about the overlock thread and how I adapt my singer machine to it because it’s cheaper than the regular thing). :)
      So, total was U$203 (fabric) + around U$45 (I don’t remember the exact number, sorry) plus taxes.

      I’m sure your project will be beautiful!!! :)

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      Thank you so much, Angie!
      Yeah… It was a lot of work…
      I had to have my eyes only looking at what I had as my final goal. :)
      By the way, I love your website! Gorgeus! :)

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      Hi, Maya!

      I got it at TJMAXX, last year… :)
      But I think it could be fun to make one. :)

      Thank you so much for your comment! :)


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