Our Home

Hi, there!

Let’s see what’s going on around this home “still-bitter-getting-sweet” home.  :)

This was our cub-non-appeal house:

Still not “there” but you can say it has “curb appeal”.   :)

These days are gone for our living room (previous owners had it like that):

Now, brighter and full of whites.  :)

And this is the old guest bathroom:

And the updated guest bathroom:

Quite a difference, huh?   :)

Our master bedroom has changed quite a bit (previous owners had it like that), from this:

To that:

This is the nursery:

Our old family room (previous owners had it like that):

Are you ready for our new family room?  :)

More pictures soon!

Then, there are about 500 projects going on over here.  :)

None of them finished… yet…