09 Sep

How to… Rescue a real nice shade!


So, I found this nice shade at Goodwill the other day.

But somebody bought it before me… :( 

Today, there it was! I could not believe it! They returned it! Ok, how do I know it’s the same one? It had the same color, same fabric, had 2 price tags, I remember the original price tag (U$24.99) and the Goodwill price tag (U$ 6.99). Sorry, I already had taken the U$24.99 off before the picture.

What are the chances to be a different shade? Call me crazy, but I thought about what could be wrong with it for someone to return it… My conclusion was that the ring (to fit the bulb) was too small. Anyway, of course, I got it this time. Besides if didn’t work for me, I could return it too, right?

Well, I was right. The ring for the bulb (don’t know the exact name for it) was definitely too small. I didn’t return it. I decided I would rescue it! :)

This what I did. With pliers, I tried to remove the ring, going back and forth (small movements to no damage the shade).

You can see the ring off.

 Then, I just put it over my old cheap walmart lamp like this:

I just made sure the wires were in the right position around the bulb otherwise the shade wouldn’t look nice. One more thing, the wires don’t touch the bulb, they touch the black ring that secures the funnel shade in place.

Now, TA-DA!

What do you think? I love it!!!


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