09 Sep

Living Room – Before and “During”


 Oh, the living room… Here it goes… Just a quick “before and during” (not finished yet). I’ll describe how we got there in the next posts. 

This is how the previous owners had the living room decorated:

So, this is the way it is now:

Of course, it’s far away from being done. I still need some artwork, windows treatment and the list goes on and on. :)


Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Oh, a sala de estar … Aqui vai… Um update rápido do “antes e durante” (ainda não terminei). Vou descrever como chegamos lá, nos próximos posts.
  Esta é a forma como os proprietários anteriores tinham a sala decorada:

E este é o jeito que está agora:

Claro que está bem longe de estar pronta. Eu ainda preciso de alguns objetos de arte, cortinas e a lista vai… :)

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4 thoughts on “Living Room – Before and “During”

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    Ei priminha!!!! Nice work!!!!!
    Agora podemos ver um ambiente mais leve…Se tivesse grana contratava vc!!!!!

  2. avatar

    I have seen all the process since the beggining and I’m really impressed by your dedication and the results.
    You have done an amazing job!
    Love you!

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