29 Oct

Coming to US? Wanna get some deals?


Happy Friday!  :)

Just in case you’re wondering why I wrote “Happy Friday”… They always celebrate Fridays! At my work, on Fridays (of course) they always say: “Good morning! Happy Friday!” So, “Happy Friday” to you!  :)

I’d like to share with you that EnglishExperts website is hosting one of my posts about the stores I usually go shopping here in US. By the way, there are “coupons” for restaurants too! :)

This website reaaally helped me out to learn English. Many thanks, Alessandro for your awesome work!  :)


Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Feliz Sexta-Feira!  :)


Apenas no caso em que você esteja se perguntando porque escrevi “Feliz Sexta-feira”… Eles sempre celebram sexta-feiras! No meu trabalho, às sextas-feiras (claro), eles sempre dizem: “Bom dia, sexta-feira feliz!” Assim, “Feliz sexta-feira” para você! :)

Gostaria de compartilhar com você que o website EnglishExperts publicou um dos meus posts sobre as lojas que  frequento nos EUA. By the way, apenas para reforçar: existem “coupons” para restaurantes também! :)

Este site me ajudou, realmente, a aprender Inglês. Muito obrigada, Alessandro pelo seu trabalho fantástico!  :)

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6 thoughts on “Coming to US? Wanna get some deals?

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    Hi Andrea,


    I read your post in EE Website and it’s so good! I will go to Miami in next month and your tips will help me so much.

    If you have SKYPE, please send me your nickname.


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      Hi Andrea.
      Congratulations for your Blog!
      I believe than you can use another word on the sentence: Pardon me for not writing so often.
      instead you use Pardon,you can say Forgive me.
      (Please correct me if I’m wrong).

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    Nice post on EE Andrea.

    ” Let’s make the world a more inviting and beautiful place. ”

    I tottaly agree!!

    Nice blog Andrea!

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    By the way…

    I’m waiting anxiously for the “House Tour” link.
    Your house must be wonderful!!!

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