14 Feb

Squirrels at home?


Hey, there!

I wanted to share with you our love for Mother Nature…

Let me say first that I understand there are many people who don’t like squirrels but Bill and I like them.  :)

In fact, I was crazy enough to hope to find some little guys to adopt. Of course, I don’t encourage anybody to do it but I confess I had the thought.  :)

So, one evening, 2009 spring, we were cleaning our vents in our attic and found a nest… of squirrels! HA!

We had to actually clean/free our vents from old t-shirts… We had them preventing of snow to get inside our attic… It’s fixed now.  :)

Bill was like: “I can’t believe it! You gotta take with what you ask for… It seems there are four of them!”

One of them, tried to escape and was hanging on the roof. So, Bill got on the roof to rescue this one.  :)

So, carefully, we pulled the little ones inside our home and looked on the internet what to do.

Remember, it was evening. So, we learned, that “mommy-squirrel” doesn’t look for her babies at night, which means, we should not put them outside in the cold otherwise they would die. Instead, we fed them with tiny syringes (no needles) filled with warm dog milk formula, and warmed some bottles of water to keep them warm in a basket.  :)

Next morning, we put the basket (warm bottles of water in it) with the babies close to a tree and watched to prevent any predators to get them.

Look what happened…

In just a few minutes, mommy-squirrel came to rescue them!  :)

One by one.

She would keep coming back and forth.

Let me say she came four times to rescue one by one.

Four times!



After she got all of them, she came a fifth time to make sure she didn’t forget anybody behind…

Isn’t it lovely? I mean, what an example of love for the Valentine’s Day!  :)


Brazilian Portuguese Translation

Oi, pessoal!

Queria compartilhar com vocês nosso amor pela Mãe-Natureza…

Deixe-me explicar que entendo que há muitas pessoas que não gostam de esquilos, mas eu e o Bill gostamos deles.  :)

Na verdade, fui doida o suficiente para desejar que achasse alguna para adotar. Claro que não encorajo ninguém a fazer isso, mas confesso que tive vontade.  :)

Num final de tarde, da primavera de 2009, estávamos limpando os ventiladores no ático e achamos um ninho de… esquilinhos!!! HA!

Tínhamos que limpar e liberar os ventiladores de camisetas velhas… Colocamos para prevenir que neve entrasse no ático… Agora, está consertado.  :)

O Bill ficou boqui-aberto: “não posso acreditar nisto! Você tem que tomar cuidado com o que deseja… Parece que tem quatro deles!”

Um deles tentou escapar e foi parar pendurado no telhado. O Bill subiu na casa e conseguiu salvar o pequenininho.  :)

Cuidadosamente, colocamos um a um dentro de nossa casa e procuramos na internet o que fazer.

Lembre que era final de tarde. Então, a gente aprendeu que a mamãe-esquilo não procura pelos bebês à noite, o que significa que não deveríamos colocá-los, fora, no frio porque eles morreriam. Em vez disso, nós os alimentamos com seringa (sem agulha) cheias com leite para cachorro morninho, e garrafas de água morna para mantê-los aquecidos na bacia.  :)

Na manhã seguinte, colocamos a bacia (ainda com garrafas com água morna) com os bebês perto de uma árvore e ficamos observando para prevenir ataques de predadores.

Olhe o que aconteceu…

Em alguns minutos, mamãe-esquilo veio para salvá-los!  :)

Um a um.

Ela ficava indo e vindo.

Deixe me enfatizar que ela veio quatro vezes para buscá-los um a um.

Quatro vezes!




Depois que ela salvou todos, ela ainda veio a quinta vez para ter certeza de que não deixou ninguém para trás…


Não é lindo? Digo, que exemplo de amor para o Valentine’s Day!  :)

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2 thoughts on “Squirrels at home?

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    This post is really good, because it really describes a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Andrea has always been fascinated by squirrels and loves to watch them ever since she came to Chicago where there are many. When driving or outside and she saw a squirrel, she would get excited and comment how she would like one as a pet… (in my mind that was unrealistic knowing how active and wild they are). Well, when we found these little rascals, it was quite a shock. Becareful what you ask for, you just might get it. It was great to watch my wife experience one night of nursing and caring for animals she admires, and finding a nest of squirrels like this is very rare in itself. Then to watch their mother come back for them, it was absolutely fun to be a part of all that and to be reminded how precious life is through one of God’s simple creations. I learned a lot just observing it all…

    • avatar

      Wasn’t it fun, baby?
      Oh, I loved that experience.
      God’s creations are amazing…
      Being part of that by your side was simply awesome!

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